Biology Centre CAS in Ceske Budejovice Czechia

The international workshop

"Frontiers In Insect Physiology"

June 12-14, 2019


Over the past years, the use of insects as a model system (Drosophila melanogaster, Pyrrhocoris apterus, Bombyx mori ...) in biology has a tremendous impact on physiology research. The international workshop "Frontiers In Insect Physiology" aims to bring together biologists to discuss new methods and developments in insect physiology.

This workshop will cover stress responses, metabolism, insect hormones and innate immunity. Experts in each topic will give lectures and discuss their latest findings.

Invited international speakers:

Gabor Juhasz Eötvös Loránd University, HU

Gyongyi Cinege Biological Research Centre, HU

Heinrich Dircksen Stockholm University, SE

Ingrid Poernbacher Francis Crick Institute, UK

Istvan Ando Biological Research Centre, HU

Jan Veenstra University of Bordeaux, FR

Jozef Vanden Broeck University of Leuven, BE

Martina Galikova Slovak Academy Of Sciences, SK

Mattias Behr Leipzig University, DE

Paola Bellosta University Of Trento, IT

Peter Vilmos Biological Research Centre, HU

Robert Farkas Slovak Academy of Sciences, SK

Ronald Kuhnlein University of Graz, AU

Admission free
Please, confirm your attendance at e-mail: zurovec@entu.cas.cz



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